Re-enact SA

South Australian Military Reenacment Group

Re-Enact SA

Who is Re-enact SA?

Re-enact SA (inc.) is a group of South Australian WW1 and WW2 enthusiasts who promote and participate in historical reenactment in South Australia and interstate. 

Photo credit: Festival Photography

What do we do?

We participate in tactical combat reenactments, public displays, film work, commemorative ceremonies, community events and educational programs.

We conduct reenactments utilising pyrotechnics, blank firing, replicas, vehicles and props. Event scenarios are written around realistic historical objectives and themed battles. Further to this, authentic squad formations, tactics and language are encouraged to add a sense of realism and really transport the reenactor back in time.

Please visit the events page for further information: Events.


Recruiting Now!

RSA is always actively recruiting new members into this exciting hobby. Where else can you live like the common WWII soldier, wear their uniforms, shoulder their equipment, operate their weaponry and drive their vehicles. For an experience like nothing else, or just to test your interest, please contact us.



What are the membership requirements?

The requirements for membership are simple:

A keen interest and a desire to present the common soldier of World War II. The purpose of “reenacting” battles is not to glorify war, but rather to educate and to share, with like minded individuals, camaraderie, friendship, having some fun, and experiencing the Second World War first hand.

If the above statement rings true to you, then Re-enact SA is for you. Feel welcome to attend our next meeting as a guest and we'll be more than happy to discuss any questions you have of our club and this exciting hobby.

A $40 fee applies annually and is put towards the club administration costs and public liability insurance with the Australian Living History Federation (ALHF). All members currently holding insurance through another club will only need to pay a $15 per year fee.

We can help you organise uniforms and equipment and loan gear is available if you just want to try it out. 
Reenact-SA does not support or allow into its membership, those who condone or embrace individuals, groups and/or organizations that are intolerant, racist or violent.